Bulk change reviews

SonarQube 10.2

I can’t figure out a way to bulk change a hotspot review. Example I have 10 hotspots all the same issue. Is there a way to mark them all safe without having to do it one at a time?

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Hey there.

It’s not possible to bulk review hotspots – but the concept of hotspots will go away pretty soon as we move to our new Clean Code Taxonomy, so I don’t expect any improvements here. But once those issues are just normal issues, you’ll be able to bulk change them.

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Hi Colin,

Surprise, surprise :upside_down_face:
As project manager for a devsecops project in 2024 - one of the goals is to improve the use of tools such as Sonarqube - one of my suggestions is the mandatory use of security hotspots in the quality gates.

There are findings that need to be evaluated in context, i.e. a cookie may keep my favorite colour,
but no secrets …
If the quality gate contains the condition that security hotspots are checked 100%, Sonarqube is automatically part of the code review process - and if there is no code review process yet, one must be established.

Where do i find more informations / are there more details about the successor of security hotspots ?


Hi @Colin ,

searched the community forum for postings related to

but i found only postings about the Sonarlint flavors supporting the review of hotspots.
It is important - especially for the users of Sonarqube latest - to be informed before such changes to be able to plan correctly.

Where to find more details ?


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