Build pipeline timing out by adding SonarQube

Hi I’m using SonarQube version through an azure dev-ops pipeline.

My prepare SonarQube step succeeds, but the pipeline is failing due to the length of the build time.
Without SonarQube prepare the build project step with DotNetCoreCl@2 takes around 13 minutes and the pipeline around 20 minutes in total.

When I add the prepare SonarQube task to the pipeline it increases the build step so 50+ minutes and therefore the pipeline times out before it can reach the unit test and SonarQube tasks.

We initially thought it might be a lack of space issue on the VM with the build agent but the space got doubled so it’s not that.

Any advice?


Can you take a look at the .NET performance troubleshooting guide so we can start to home in on where the problem is?


Here are the .Net report analyser logs.
I’m not sure if there’s any more as the logs are too large for me to view.
SonarAnalyzerLogs.log (99.3 KB)

Hi @charlottelokkov1

we can not find any unusual in your logs. Please follow our performance tips from the mentioned document: