Build Image for wrapper and Bullseye

Hi, We run Bullseye over windows, and we want to run also Build-Wrapper command.
Can we build one image to use both Bullseye and Build-Wrapper to scan in one build command?

Hi @benyahu,

what do you mean by building an image?
build-wrapper is used to simply collect build information, you should then call sonar-scanner in a second step. I am not sure I understood what you are trying to achieve, could you please elaborate better?

Sorry for the late response.

We want to build a image (driver) of our product.
When we run without the BuildWrapper, we get a final image because we compiled the code.
The question is whether when we run with the BuildWrapper, it somehow hits us with the image or can we run with the BuildWrapper and get the same result on our image, and also the output of BuildWrapper will be fine ?

Hi @benyahu,

build-wrapper is simply wrapping the building process, you can add it transparently to your current setup, whether it is using Bullseye or not, just give it a try.

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