[Bug] sonar.qualityProfiles.allowDisableInheritedRules is non-default after upgrade

I was upgrading from 10.2.1 to 10.3 and expected [SONAR-20355] Enable Quality Profile Administrators to deactivate rule in child Quality Profile - Jira (atlassian.net) to work out of the box.

It did not - button was disabled.

After some time I stumbled upon sonar.qualityProfiles.allowDisableInheritedRules and saw it was false although default is true.

I think the migrations to 10.3 forgot to set the new option sonar.qualityProfiles.allowDisableInheritedRules to true for upgrades.

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Hello Michael,

This is actually intended. The idea was to not change the behavior for existing instances, as admins might not be aware of this new feature and want to keep the current behavior (prevent users from disabling inherited rules).
The default value is true but it only applies to new instances.

Hope this is clear enough!


Thank you for pointing this out.

As everyone upgrading their installation potentially falls into this, would you mind adding this to the Release upgrade notes?

I always read the release notes, but I cant read through 186 issue items to see changes like this.


Hi @michha,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Your feedback will contribute to some ongoing discussions about the release notes and the best way to communicate about new features and updates.

We generally reserve the Upgrade Notes for detailing the most important changes that administrators need to know before upgrading their instance. This piece of documentation is not typically where we document new capabilities.
For that specific case, it seems to me that the official announcement already provides quite some information on this topic.