Browserslist update in red font when SonarRunner was executing

When I was executing Sonar Runner, I saw these lines in the Console Window. Not sure whether these should be executed on the client machine or on the server machine running SonarQube.

npx browserslist@latest --update-db

I tried running this on client machine and got this message. My assumption to run in any directory was that it would capture the packages in a global repository in the system. Then I searched for any related packages in SonarRunner on the client machine and SonarQube on the server machine but could not locate any matching ones.

C:\Windows\System32>npx browserslist@latest --update-db
npx: installed 6 in 9.245s
Cannot find package.json. Is this the right directory to run npx browserslist --update-db in?


Thanks for reporting this. I believe it’s related to this ticket:


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@nithyalavanya: From the link that Ann posted, you can use the workaround listed there:

You can set env. variable BROWSERSLIST_IGNORE_OLD_DATA=true to avoid the message. I found this in browserslist/browserslist#361 (comment)