Bring governance features to SonarCloud

Please bring governance features such as (portfolios, dashboards, reports, etc.) to SonarCloud. At the moment, there isn’t a distinct SonarQube version to which SonarCloud equals functionality wise. I think that the cloud service should include everything available in the Data Center edition.
At least if the user is willing to pay for that stuff but doesn’t want to host the server himself why not give him the opportunity to do that?


Welcome Yervand to the forum!

I hear what you are saying and having “SonarCloud = SonarQube as a Service” is something we have considered. We actually decided that SonarCloud should have its own life, features and roadmap. That is not to say that we will not launch one day SonarQube as a Service but this will not be SonarCloud.

And to be honest, there was zero demand for governance features on SonarCloud so far.

I hope this clarifies.


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Thanks a lot for the clarification! However, please consider one such request already submitted :slight_smile:


Duly noted! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have recently (last ~6 months) started using SonarCloud across our entire Engineering team. It seems that we could greatly benefit from governance features like portfolios and any aggregate reporting features for statistics for a set of Projects in general.

I am also happy to engage in an exploratory conversations around this should you feel the need to talk to users of SonarCloud.


Any status of implementing the Portfolio and the aggregated feature in SonarCloud?
We use it alot in SonarQube today but want to enable this feature across the entire organization, no matter if you are on the *Qube or *Cloud. So 2019 and soon 2022, I really like to see some action on this.

+1 for this feature too. would love to see “portfolio”

Seems like sonarcloud still have less feature especially on governance/management side than sonarqube. Any roadmap for the mentioned governance features?

+1 for the feature that wold allow audit logs of user activity. This could be “bring your own storage” so we can store it on our own S3 bucket OR a simple API that fetches the audit trail periodicly.

For example :
[user] added to the organization by [Administrator X]
role changed for [user] by [admin]
quality profile [name] has been changed by [user]

We require this from CISO perspective and is 1 of 2 features missing to move from our IAAS SonarQube to Sonarcloud

I agree it feels very much like a big downgrade when discovering SC, having a decade of experience in SQ. Not only I miss these features but the teams I work with and have been using SC for years tell me spontaneously thèse governance features are missing.

Hello @gabriel ,

You can follow and provide feedback on this card within our roadmap to receive updates about this topic. It is still not part of our short-term plans since we haven’t received much feedback yet.