Blocker issue doesn't fail the quality gate


(Naveen Arora) #1


Post sonarqube scan (using version 6.7.1), there is a blocker issue “Printf-style format strings should not lead to unexpected behavior at runtime” which isn’t failing the quality gate over leak period.
Any guidance here would be really helpful.


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Naveen,

Could you tell us what conditions are in your Quality Gate, when your New Code period started, and the issue’s creation date?


(Naveen Arora) #4

Thanks Ann for the reply, please find the response below -

  1. Conditions mentioned in quality gate are -
  • Blocker Issues ‘over leak period’ is ‘greater’ than 0 (Error)
  • Major / critical Issues ‘over leak period’ is ‘greater’ than 0 (Error)
  • Critical Issues ‘over leak period’ is ‘greater’ than 0 (Error)
  • Unit test errors greater than 0 (Error)
  • Unit test failures greater than 0 (Error)
  • Coverage on new code ‘always’ ‘is less than’ 80 (Error)
  1. New code period started 20 days ago on Oct 3rd
  2. Issue creation date is 11 days ago on 11th Oct


(G Ann Campbell) #5

Hi Naveen,

Try switching from


  • New Blocker Issues

IIRC, the first one is about net new issues, so if you fix two and add one, you’re net -1 and good to go. New Blocker Issues is about the number of issues that are new in the New Code period.

And yes, we know this is confusing. We’re working on it.


(Naveen Arora) #6

Thanks Ann, I tried the ‘New Blocker Issues’ Quality Gate and that helped resolved the issue. Appreciate your timely recommendations as always !!
It did sound confusing initially, but now the concept is more familiar.