Bitbucket cloud pull request decoration


(Thomas Turrell Croft) #1

I would really appreciate Bitbucket cloud pull request decoration.

We used Bitbucket for all of our private repositories. We use Bitbucket pipelines to send analysis to our self hosted Sonar server. Developers have no prompt in the bitbucket pull request to check Sonar and so pull requests with issues are sometimes merged accidentally.

We have a licence for Sonar developer edition.

My motivation for posting this feature request is the request on the pull request documentation page.

(Mark Jones) #2

+1 for this, we are also bitbucket cloud and hosted sonar and are currently struggling to get the potential issues highlighted on a PR which are currently only found on the merge down to develop when another build is done and the quality gate breached on the main project

(David Diaz) #3

+1 to this feature
It’s already available for “SonarCloud”, so I guess you’re not so far to get this implemented for the “Developer Edition” (hosted)

(Vincent Klock) #4

+1 as well - a side suggestion would be to let people add “+1” to posts.

(Thomas Turrell Croft) #5

+1 to your +1 suggestion!