Bitbucket Cloud integration

Hi, we are using sonarqube 9.9 LTS enterprise edition and with that we are exploring Devops platform integration feature in sonarqube so that to have the Sonar quality gate status on the Bitbucket Pull request. I went through the sonar docs and based on that I have created the Configuration for Bitbucket Cloud and now after the Jenkins Pipeline successful build when I create a PR for my branch I don’t see Quality Gate status on the Pull request. Please help with it.

Steps Done to create the Bitbucket Configuration on sonarqube:

  1. Go to global DevOps Platform integration settings and create the configuration for Bitbucket.
  2. Create Oauth consumer to report Quality gate status on PR with PR:Read Permissions.
  3. Update the below settings and save the configuration:
    • Configuration Name
    • Workspace ID
    • OAuth Key
    • Oauth Secret
  4. Configure project settings by adding configuration name and repository slug to report Quality Gate status in manually created or existing projects.

Bitbucket configuration on sonarqube:

Bitbucket Pullrequest not showing Quality Gate status:

Below is what I could see in sonar logs after the project analysis is done on my branch:

Could you please tell is there anything which I am missing as part of using this feature?


How was the project created in SonarQube? Did you use the onboarding wizard in the UI, or create it some other way?


yes have created projects from bitbucket UI, scan and analysis we have it all, branch analysis is happening also for all the projects, still not able to have quality gate status on bitbucket.


How was the project created in SonarQube?