Best Practice for an effective feedback loop

SonarQube Data Center Edition 8.9.6 Build 50800
We are trying to setup and effective feedback loop after sonar analysis
Have integrated SonarQube with Jenkins, Our source control is BitBucket.

Please share your thoughts on the effective industry standard methodologies for an effective feedback loop with devs

Thanks !

Hey there.

Ideally, when each developer wants to merge a Pull Request into another branch, Pull Request Analysis will run and decorate the Pull Request with analysis information (including whether or not the Quality Gate has passed or failed). This can also be used to prevent the merge of a Pull Request until the Quality Gate is green.

You can find more details about the Bitbucket integration here. Please note that as a DCE customer, you definitely have a support to SonarSource Commercial Support, who will be happy to help you work through questions / best practices.

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Thanks, Will check this out