AzureDevOps pipeline is failing with Run Analysis task failing with an Error

I am using SonarQube Enterprise edition(, integrated SonarQube with AzureDevOps , using Standalone scanner.

“Prepare analysis Configuration” task was successful. There is no issue with Service connection. Run Code Analysis task is failing with below logs.


2022-10-25T07:12:23.3275672Z 12:42:23.312 DEBUG: Create: C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService.sonar\cache
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3279139Z 12:42:23.312 INFO: User cache: C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService.sonar\cache
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3280650Z 12:42:23.312 DEBUG: Create: C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService.sonar\cache_tmp
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3306778Z 12:42:23.327 DEBUG: Extract sonar-scanner-api-batch in temp…
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3338630Z 12:42:23.327 DEBUG: Get bootstrap index…
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3339484Z 12:42:23.327 DEBUG: Download: http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9000/batch/index
2022-10-25T07:12:23.3962216Z 12:42:23.390 DEBUG: Get bootstrap completed
2022-10-25T07:12:23.4018555Z 12:42:23.390 DEBUG: Download http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9000/batch/file?name=scanner-enterprise- to C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService.sonar\cache_tmp\fileCache15282666106412521291.tmp
2022-10-25T07:13:20.1694109Z ##[error]12:43:20.157 ERROR: SonarQube server [http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9000] can not be reached
2022-10-25T07:13:20.1697531Z 12:43:20.157 ERROR: SonarQube server [http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9000] can not be reached


I logged into the server and found that “C:\windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService” folder path is already present. The issue here is the “Run Analysis” task is not able to create “.sonar\cache_tmp” folders in the above folder path.

What could be the issue? What permissions need to be given in order for the Run Analysis task to create “.sonar\cache_tmp” folders.

I tried manually to create “.sonar\cache_tmp” folders, but I could not create them.


Hi Gopal,

The user that runs the analysis process is going to need full access to the directory analysis is running in, recursive.

But that’s not what I’m seeing in your error log:

What I see is that the download call fails because the server “can’t be reached”. Since it was reached immediately before that call, to get the bootstrap index, I suspect something ‘helpful’ on your network is blocking the download of the jar files necessary to run analysis.

You should talk to your network folks.