Azure pipeline pubish two result to sonar

Hello good morning, I wanted to consult.
In azure we have two jobs, one that runs the unit test and another one that runs the integrations test.
I wanted to know if there is a way for each of these jobs to send their information to sonar qa, since the integrations test take much longer than the unit test and we want that when the unit test are finished you already have the information from sonar if there is any rule that we are trumpeting to get ahead.

Sorry for my english


Welcome to the community!

Analysis is not additive. All the reports whose data you want reflected in the analysis need to be present before you initiate analysis.

If you’re in Community Edition, it might work to have two versions of the project in SonarQube, one with the ITs and a fast one without. In commercial editions, you would want to do this as different branches of the same project to not chew through your License LOC.