Azure Devops Status check configuration with reset status breaks analysis

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  • SonarQube Version 9.9 (build 65466)

Hey there,

i am trying to configure a status check in Azure Devops for a SonarQube analysis and i got this error:

Pull Request decoration failed: Unable to contact Azure DevOps Server: Pull request status rejected by status policy. Policy configuration requires status to be posted on iteration

The status on the pull requests stays in the waiting state.

I figured out, that this error only occurs if the status policy is configured with Reset conditions - Reset status whenever there are new changes. If it is configured without this setting, than everything works fine.

What can i do, to get this working with the Reset status toogle?


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Where (on which side) did you see this message?

It’s not clear to me how you’re trying to configure this. Are you using a commercial edition of SonarQube?


Hey :wave:

I am using sonar enterprise and I am seeing this error message in the background tasks of the project in sonarqube. The waiting state is shown for the status check in azure devops.

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The docs make some mentions of branch policies. It looks like this is something you need to configure on the Azure side.


Yes that is correct and there is a setting for „reset status if new changes“ in azure devops but when I activate this flag I get this error in sonarqube.

Hi Ann,

this is the dialogue, i am talking about Azure Devops - Configure Branch Policy

Thanks for looking into it


Backing up…

Why do you need the “reset status” toggle?


The documentation says this

Reset conditions is used to determine when a posted status is no longer valid. If the status posted is specific to the latest code (i.e. a build), check Reset status whenever there are new changes to reset the status when the source branch changes.

as far as i understand this means, that the status check will be reset after new code has been pushed. Am i understand this not correctly?

I want a state where the pull request gets reevaluated if the code changes, e.g. if the first run returns 20% code coverage and than the coverage is improved i want it to succeed if the quality gate has been reached


That’s managed in your CI - a new push should trigger a new build/analysis - and the SonarCloud side. I don’t think you need these policies.