Azure Devops-SonarQube CodeCoverage No show results

I’m trying to show the codecoverage result in SonarQube for my projects. I have created pipelines in azure devops, and there is only one warning in task PublishCodeCoverageResults, it says

##[warning]Ignoring coverage report directory with Html content as we are auto-generating Html content

The rest of task are succeded without warnings.

But for any reason I can’t see results
Here are the tasks to do SonarQube analysis

  • script: dotnet test $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/Src/ms_redfox/Application.Tests/Application.Tests.csproj --logger “trx;LogFileName=testresults.trx” /p:CollectCoverage=true /p:CoverletOutputFormat=cobertura /p:CoverletOutput=$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/TestResults/Coverage/
    displayName: ‘dotnet test’

  • script: reportgenerator “-reports:$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/Src/ms_redfox/Application.Tests/TestResults/testresults.trx” “-targetDir:$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/TestResults/Coverage/Reports” -tag:$(Build.BuildNumber) -reportTypes:Cobertura;SonarQube
    workingDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/Src/ms_redfox/Application.Tests
    displayName: ‘dotnet reportgenerator’

  • task: PublishTestResults@2
    testRunner: VSTest
    testResultsFiles: ‘**/*.trx’
    failTaskOnFailedTests: true

  • task: PublishCodeCoverageResults@1
    codeCoverageTool: ‘cobertura’
    summaryFileLocation: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/TestResults/Coverage/**/Cobertura.xml
    reportDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/TestResults/Coverage/Reports
    failIfCoverageEmpty: false

  • task: SonarQubePrepare@4
    displayName: ‘Prepare analysis on SonarQube’
    SonarQube: ‘my_sonar_Server’
    scannerMode: ‘MSBuild’
    projectKey: ‘ms_redfox’
    projectName: ‘ms_redfox’
    projectVersion: ‘${{parameters.mainVersion}}’
    extraProperties: |
    enabled: ${{parameters.useSonarQube}}

  • task: CmdLine@2
    displayName: SAM Build
    script: |
    sam build -t cm/ci/template.yaml

Run code analysis

  • task: SonarQubeAnalyze@4
    displayName: ‘Run Code Analysis’
    enabled: ${{parameters.useSonarQube}}

Quality gate

  • task: SonarQubePublish@4
    pollingTimeoutSec: ‘300’
    displayName: ‘Publish Quality Gate Results’
    enabled: ${{parameters.useSonarQube}}

Apologies, I was checking different branch (similar name), so the pieline is working fine. So Im not sure if someone can help me closing this.

Thanks for the follow up!


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