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We use AzureDevops, We have one organization and it has two main projects lets say Project A and Project B. Each project has multiple pipelines is project-a-microservice1, project-a-microservice2

When I do the scan, All the main branch for each of the microservice is coming under project A.

Is there any way to classify pipelines under projects?

What I am looking for is Project A has bunch of scan results for each pipeline under project A

Hi @martinjosephm

I need to clarify what exactly you have currently, and what you want to do.
Here is what I understand.

On Azure DevOps, you have 2 projects and repositories, project-A and project-B.
On each project, you have maybe several folders on the repository, and several microservices project-a-microservice1, project-a-microservice2.
Each microservice has its own pipeline on Azure DevOps, but on SonarCloud, they all end up in the same SonarCloud project.

What you would like, is to have 1 SonarCloud project per microservice.

Am I right?
If I am, I think what you need is monorepositories for Azure DevOps. It is supported, and in a nutshell, it means you’ll have to configure each microservice pipeline to analyze only the relevant files, and for each configure a different sonar.projectKey and sonar.projectName to bind each pipeline to its SonarCloud project.

If I understand incorrectly, feel free to clarify.

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