Azure DevOps Extension Default to Java 17 for SQ 10.3

Hi everyone,

With the 10.3 release, the SonarScanner will require Java 17 to run, according to the deprecation warning we have been seeing. The SQ tasks coming from the Azure DevOps extension still currently default to using Java 11, so before I can upgrade our SQ server to 10.3 I would either need to 1) update all my pipelines with the SQ analyze task to provide the jdkversion parameter with v17 or 2) wait for the extension to change its default value. For reference, I’m referring to this default value.

I was expecting this default value to change before the release, especially considering the message about Azure DevOps here: Scanner environment & SonarQube

Am I worrying about nothing here and perhaps it will somehow use v17 even if that task says v11?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

First things first, the end of support for using Java 11 has been bumped to 10.4. So it’s safe to update to SonarQube 10.3.

I believe we will change the default for SonarQube once Java 17 is required across our products, but that might also involve releasing a new major version of the task. I’ll ping the right team to find out our plans for this.

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Ah sorry I was not aware of the bump to 10.4, I will proceed with our update soon then. Would be curious about whether it will be a new major version, but as long as the default version gets changed then it’s not a big deal either way.

Thanks for following up!

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I upgraded to 10.4 and ran into scanning errors since Java 11 is still the default in the Azure DevOps task. It’s easy enough to override the input value to force Java 17, but still think it’s worth considering to change the default.

Hey there @frittsy , to answer your questions:

  • Yes, we plan to do a new major version of the tasks (V6) that will include the latest scanner version, effectively dropping support for Java 11.

  • The default value will indeed change to Java 17. In fact, it won’t make sense for users to select Java 11, as they will not be able to run the scanner with it anyway.

We did not plan the exact time when we will be able to roll this out, but it should happen relatively soon (read: coming months)

Hope this helps

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