Azure devops DevOps Platform Integration multiple

Hi, I have 3 integrations available to choose from in DevOps Platform Integration
At the moment, nothing is defined at the end of the scan, the configuration name is empty (I can choose) but I have close to 150 builds (repos), how can I configure it during the build to fill in the correct data from the build and not go through one by one.

Is there something that can be defined during the build tasks in azure devops that will select the DevOps Platform Integration that will be defined for it during the build?

Hey there.

When provisioning projects from the scanner (meaning the project wasn’t created using the Project Creation wizard), you’ll have to go fill in the details for PR decoration at Project Settings > General Settings > DevOps Platform Integration.

Prior to SonarQube v10.0 LTS, this worked automatically because the details were being passed to deprecated analysis parameters by the SonarQube Extension for Azure DevOps.

Improving this experience is on our roadmap.