Azure Devops Code Decorations "See it in SonarQube"

SonarQube Microsoft DevOps Plugin Version: 4.23.1
SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.0.1

In Microsoft DevOps the links in the Code Decorations are wrong. The link currently is, but it should be
The link the service connection is correct and works and I dont find any other link to edit.

While I’m here, the icons(code smell etc.) for Sonarqube are missing in DevOps any suggestions, why?

Hey there.

  1. Make sure your Server Base URL is correctly configured in the global Administration > General > Sever Base URL
  2. You’re running a bit behind on SonarQube versions – the only supported 9.x version is the latest version, v9.5. You should upgrade as soon as possible.

Hey thanks! Why did I not think about looking in SonarQube…
Changing the URL worked.

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