Azure Devops Angular - Code analysis fail

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We have an agular project that we are trying to run through sonar cloud code analysis but the pipeline fails on “Run Code Analysis” step with an error below for all the .js files. Can someone please help resolve this. I am pretty new to SonarCloud and trying to work my way to use if.

##[error]ERROR: Unable to parse file: file:///D:/a/3/s/Code/dist/kindergarten/scripts.js
ERROR: Parse error at line 33243 column 3:

33233:              1100:{
33234:                  items:3
33235:              }
33236:          }
33237:      });
33238:             });
33239: ;/*! pace 1.0.0 */
<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/sscommunity/original/2X/5/5dc906d8b323c1387b7caaad6c373a5d003cd53f.txt">8_Run Code Analysis.txt</a> (96.1 KB)

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Can anyone please help on this?