Azure Data Factory Setup

I have a private project that I want to read from Azure Data Factory. I created a token ‘my-token’ that never expires. I set a REST connection as ‘Anonymous’ and I’m passing my-token as a header.
Also the user related to the GET request does have the ‘System Administrator’ permission.
Authorization: Bearer my-token-key
Content-Type: application/json

Error 403
“errors”: [{
“msg”: “Insufficient privileges”

I also tried via Basic Authentication by using my credentials (Azure DevOps)
Error 401

How should I set the request method? I appreciate your feedback.

Hello @gerardo.trejo
Welcome to the SonarSource community!
The token is indeed the way to go for requests to SonarCloud. You must use yours as described with, i.e. not using Bearer token authentication, but basic authentication set with your token as login (and no password).
Let me know.


Actually I tried this

curl -u my_user:my_pwd – Status 401 “Unauthorized client error”
curl -u my_user:my_pwd – Status 401 “Unauthorized client error”

curl -u my_token: – Status 403 “Insufficient privileges”
curl -u my_token: – Status 200 - “OK”

Is it related to the System Administrator credential? If so, just to confirm and go back with my Administrator

Yes, GET api/projects/search requires admin privileges: