"await" should not be used redundantly for bot framewor

We are using Community Edition Version 8.9 (build 43852)
Application is using bot framework

Sonar shows multiple instances of code smells as “Redundant use of await on a return value”. The recommendation from Sonar is not to use await as the async method is expected to use a promise.

However, this approach is taken from the BOT Framework samples provided by Microsoft (BotBuilder-Samples/bookingDialog.ts at main · microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples · GitHub)

Can someone please advise why Sonar shows these as code smells if this is in line with what Microsoft recommends.

hello @vishalgoyal18 ,

to the best of my knowledge, these return await are indeed redundant. If you want the confirmation, you should check it with project authors. I would be curious what’s their reasoning.