Avoid specific code smells in sonar comment in pullbranch analysis


we have configured pull branch analysis in our gerrit system. currently sonar is puhsing these kind of comments and we want to disble them. how can we? what flag needs to be set?
below are several 100’s of comments from sonar. exactly same. so is there a property we can set in quality profile that will disable this?
we are getting too many of below code smells. how to disable them?

CRITICAL SonarQube Violation:
Add a nested comment explaining why this function is empty or complete the implementation.

Hey there.

I guess you’re using Sonar Gerrit – I’m really not familiar with this integration (and it’s not maintained by us).

Are you receiving hundreds of issues in your SonarQube dashboard as well, or is this limited to the comments being put on Gerrit?

What version of SonarQube are you using (as requested in the template post)?

guys you need to better understand my question or you run the these integrations yourself to understand. I figured out, i just had to create a new profile and quality gate on sonarqube server disabling all the flags for languages in my change. am set. thanks take.