Automate the Pull Request Decoration in BitBucket

Versions of Tools:
SonarQube >> Enterprise Edition & version
Sonar Scanner >>
BitBucket >> 6.6.2

I’m trying to automate the Pull Request Decoration

Configurations did So Far

  1. We have generated a personal access token with admin credentials in BitBucket.
  2. We configured this personal access token and bitbucket URL in SonarQube >> Administration >> ALM Integrations
  3. Clicked on + Icon at right side top to add a project then clicked on bitbucket >> System displayed all the repositories available in the bit bucket
    So I selected one of the repo and clicked on set up a selected repository
  4. Then the system is showing the two options to analyze the repo i) With Jenkin ii) Manually
  5. I selected manually and followed the process to analyze the branch with the following commands
  6. Project Settings >> General Settings >> Pull Request Decoration >> configured the Configuration name, Project Key and Repository SLUG
  7. Created a PR in bit bucket and ran the following command

I’m doing the analysis manually as above

Please suggest to me how we can achieve the automating the PR analysis and PR decoration.

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