/api/views/define - Existing porfolio's are removed


We’re currently in the process of upgrading from 8.3.1 (EE) to 8.9.1 LTS (EE).

We are trying to make use of the api ‘/api/views/define’ to upload a complete structure through an API. This to easily replicate this in multiple environments.

However, when we execute this (only containing a VW and it’s SVW’s), then all the other existing portfolio’s dissapear. As an added bonus, the UI only shows 1 entry, but it still reports the total amount of portfolio’s as if the others were not deleted.

Note: when I query the database in the components table on ‘VW’, it only shows me one entry anymore.

The documentation is not really clear on whether the define api should contain always all portfolio’s, or it should be able to handle the creation/update of a single portfolio.

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