[API] project_status and branches

(Geoffrey Alexandre) #1

Hello all,

Hope you’re fine. I’ve a little question relating to the SonarQube(version 6.7) API and more especially the method project_status.

I use the API and this method to get the status of the quality gate of the project. It was working perfectly until the activation of the branch plugin, I’ve the wrong information. According to the documentation of the method, there is no ‘branch’ parameters.

My question is the following, how can I get the status of quality gate for a specific branch in a project?



(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi Geoffrey,

Does this help ?

(Geoffrey Alexandre) #3

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your answer.
These methods don’t give me the status of the quality gate unfortunately, in my case it doesn’t help.



(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

Browser inspector is a good way to see how the UI behaves under the hood (pro-tip: UI consumes WebAPI). Apparently api/project_branches/list can help !