API Parameter componentKey for api/measures/component was change in version 8 and its not updated in the release notes


We recently upgrade from version 7.9.1LTS to 8.9.2LTS and found that the API key parameter componentKey was changed for api/measures/component to just component and could not find any references the documentation or release notes. Thought to bring this up in this forum. Because of this change, many builds started to fail, as we missed to update the development teams on this change which was part of the upgrade. Request is to update the release notes so other companies do not face the same issue as we did.

change this call
Version 7 and earlier

Version 8

Thank you

Hi Sagar,

Thanks for your kind thought for other users. In fact, this changed in 8.8 in a ticket to remove API deprecated before 6.7:

SONAR-13848 - Remove web API deprecated since version <= 6.7

This was mentioned in the LTS-to-LTS Release Upgrade Notes and in the Release Notes for 8.8.


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Thanks @ganncamp

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