API for the latests analysis results


I need to get by API’s these differents values of one of my SonaQube project :

  • Duplications
  • Number of bugs
  • Rate value for the bugs
  • Number of vulnerabilities
  • Rate value for the vulnerabilities
  • Debt value
  • Debt rate

Could you tell me which API I have to use, and with which parameters please ?


ok, I have found these informations :

  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=vulnerabilities
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=bugs
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=duplicated_lines_density
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=security_rating
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=reliability_rating
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=sqale_rating
  • api/measures/search_history?component=projectName&metrics=sqale_index