APEX Test Coverage automation

I am working on automating SonarQube scan for my Salesforce project in GitHub Actions.
I am struggling with downloading APEX Coverage report so SonarQube can analyze it.
Errors I am facing are not related to SonarQube, so I won’t post them or logs for now.
I was only wandering, if I would found in this community someone willing to share their solution

Hi Bartek,

I don’t have an answer to your specific question.

And the word “download” made my antennae quiver. Because if your test report is prepared in a different environment than analysis runs in, it’s possible the paths in your report won’t match the paths analysis sees. That causes import to fail.

If it’s possible to run your tests in the GHActions environment, that’s your best option.


Hello Ann

Apologies for late reply, I had been sick for a while.
Thank you for your input, you were right I was overcomplicating things and now my scan is working fine in GHA enviroment

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