Android Jenkins multimodule configuration

plugin version : 3.0
project configuration: gralde 7+, targetSdk 32
sonar is configured only at pipeline level and project side it consuming sonar.propertiese file to report the code scanning result

So far everything works fine but the new project is a multi module project and not sure how to configure the jacocoTestResultPath, where in app module it was quite straight forward as I can directly specify the app module jacoco path but in multi module project not sure how to configure the path as configure the every project build directory is not scalable with current project as the team size is quite big. Is there any workaround to automatically aggregate the report?

Hey there.

First of all – if you are using the Scanner for Gradle, no file is being taken into account. Only what is set in your build.gradle file or passed as command line parameters (-Dsonar.projectKey=).

I’d suggest checking this example here:

Only local sonar scan support this?

I have followed the demo app and configured the project but now it’s running the AndroidTest as well with ./gradlew sonarqueb task. How can I disable the androidTest, only junitTests are configured