Analyze XML on the fly

My project requirement is t scan/analyze some XMLs on the fly which are running inside some web application in kubernetes pod.
I checked docker image is available for Sonarqube server using that we can configure the server. But is there any way to call scanner which will analyze the XMLs? I do not find the web api available in Sonar server which can take input as file and give output. I understand that is because server is not responsible to do that. But, please suggest if there is some api which is available like sonar scanner which will scan the xmls and provide the output.


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I’ve split your post into a topic since the one you initially appended to had been dormant for two years.

You’re not going to be able to analyze “on the fly”. You need to check out or place the files to analyze in a directory, cd into that directory and then invoke the SonarScanner.

Note that you will also need to have a SonarQube server running when you do that, & pass analysis the location of that server using the parameter.