Analysis runs even though there is no Prepare task or any other sonarqube task in the pipeline

I have another issue now…
on one project I added the sonarqube stuff to the main build first, but in a new branch. When I figured the times won’t be suitable to run per commit, I moved the stuff to a new pipeline. But somehow, even for development branch, the main build is still running sonarqube analysis during building, even though there is no Prepare task or any other sonarqube task in the pipeline of this branch. Even removing it in the new branch still executes sonarqube analysis on the main build of all branches. How is this possible?


FYI, I’ve moved this post to a new thread since it’s a different topic. I know it’s connected to your original post, but it tends to get messy if we don’t keep it to one topic per thread. And this thread requires different expertise than your first.


Thank you. I just found this post which is from 2019 but a similar topic:

Not identical, since they are talking about different build agents on same machine, but it could be the same reason I guess… I am just not sure how to avoid, since the project in both pipelines is the same, so I can not mark one project with a tag to not execute the build in it, the pipelines just have a different purpose…

(a) you are using a self-hosted agent, and
(b) a previous analysis pipeline failed without running the end/Run Code Analysis step, and
(c) you then removed the analysis steps from the pipeline…

… it’s possible that some of the clean-up that happens in the end/Run Code Analysis step won’t have completed. Some of our hooks into MSBuild could be still on disk, which would then impact future builds.

If there are any .sonarqube folders under the build agent root folder, delete them then try running the pipeline again.