Analysis report processing takes forever to complete

Hello, we are using SonarQube standalone installation in combination with Gitlab CI nad local worker, curently on single C++ project. Project is recently added and there are around 4.5k reported issues.
When master branch is pushed, no problem, analysis takes 10min + analysis report processing around 30s
But when I enable pipeline for merge requests, analysis report takes forever to complete. I left one running for 18h and it didn’t finished.
Other jobs were blocked and failed after 300s timeout.
Now, i don’t have option to cancel frozen background task other than shutdown server completely.

Any help on this one?


Welcome to the community!

You don’t happen to have very, very large files in the project, do you?



we have around 65k lines of code in total. Separated into cpp files between 100 and maybe 2-3000 lines of code each.


Thanks for getting back to me. We’ve seen this behavior on very, very large files, but I’m not sure 3k LoC puts you in that range. I’ve referred this internally.


Could it be that you’re experiencing the effects of this bug?

Well, it looks like analysis eventually complete, i can see merge request branch in the SC and introduced issues, but background job continues and most probably never ends…


I don’t think so. This is what is see in the logs:

11:29:41.151 INFO: ------------- Check Qulity Gate status`
11:29:41.151 INFO: Waiting for the analysis report to be processed (max 300s)
11:29:41.164 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]api/ce/task?id=AXcfV8JgCnIpPGd2H0X1 | time=12ms
11:29:46.195 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXcfV8JgCnIpPGd2H0X1 | time=26ms
11:29:51.229 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXcfV8JgCnIpPGd2H0X1 | time=32ms 
11:29:56.244 DEBUG: GET 200 [MASKED]/api/ce/task?id=AXcfV8JgCnIpPGd2H0X1 | time=15ms
11:34:42.244 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
11:34:42.244 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
11:34:42.245 INFO: Total time: 15:02.940s
11:34:42.504 INFO: Final Memory: 22M/84M
11:34:42.504 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
11:34:42.504 ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
 Quality Gate check timeout exceeded - View details on [MASKED]/dashboard? .....

From the logs, I can’t tell if the bug could be the cause or not.

It simply shows that the scanner quits waiting for a QG to be computed since it’s taking too long.

Well, as I said before, scanner times out after waiting for 300s for background job to complete. On sonar server side bacground job keeps working, and apperantly never ends. I rebooted server after 18h of waiting. And it happens every time when sonar is running on merge request branch.

Ok. So since you’re using v8.5 and it happens for Merge Requests on GitLab, why don’t you think it could be caused by SONAR-13290?

Well, i will upgrade to 8.6 and see if it persists.