Analysis failing on Android project after Sonarqube 8.9 LTS upgrade

  • SonarQube 8.9 LTS Developer Edition
  • zip install
  • Trying to scan an Android project

I had a SonarQube 8.2 working appropriatelly for iOS (swift/objective-c), .NET and Android (java/kotlin) projects, I performed an upgrade yersteday to 8.9 LTS and it seems that the sonar.sources configured in the Prepare Analysis Task of Azure DevOps is not working the same way because we get this kind of errors :
> Given path src\main\java does not exist!


Can you provide the full analysis log?

The analysis / scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide - redacted as necessary - will include that command as well.

This guide will help you find them.

:warning: Also, while you’re upgrading, make sure you upgrade to SonarQube v9.9 LTS soon, not only to benefit from our Best LTS Ever™, but because soon we will systematically ask users to upgrade when they ask questions about earlier versions of SonarQube, which are now considered unsupported. :smiley: