Analyse content of `kotlin` folder


Using gradle plugin org.sonarqube: and running a sonar analysis is fine, but the files under kotlin folders are not analyzed. Only files under java folder are analyzed. See the report at and project source at GitHub - vector-im/element-x-android: Proof Of Concept to run a Matrix client on Android devices using the Matrix Rust Sdk and Jetpack Compose.

I tried to add property("sonar.sources", "**/src/main/kotlin/**") to the configuration but without success.

Can you help please?


Hey there.

sonar.sources doesn’t accept wildcard paths, so that’s a false-start there.

Looking at this commit, it looks like you’ve made some progress since your post.

src/main/kotlin isn’t supported by the Scanner for Gradle and therefore has to be added to the source sets. Additionally, it looks like it isn’t settled whether or not src/main/kotlin should be used, but I’m not our resident Kotlin expert. :smiley:

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