An overall metric that gives a count of the number of lines that are excluded would be great

There are two repos, each with 1000 LOC that would otherwise be counted

  • one repo has 80% coverage and no exclusions (by in code markers or sonar project settings)
  • the other had 100% coverage but 500 LOC that is excluded

On the project list page, Sonar shows both with 1KLOC but the second one looks more covered and its not (only 500 lines covered compared to 800 for the first repo). This is fairly misleading and can cause a bunch of problems.

Having some indication of the excluded lines count either as its own metric or included along side the line count for the repo would help tell a clearer story about the quality of the repo, especially when comparing it to others.

Hi Andrew

Thanks for this suggestion, I agree it could be a useful addition to the coverage measures. I’ve been looking at coverage exclusions in relation to this issue so this is timely. I’ll keep this thread updated as things progress.