Am I to install Elasticsearch as a separate install?

New implementation – am I to install Elasticsearch as a separate install? I am getting this:
ERROR app[o.s.a.p.ManagedProcessHandler] Failed to launch process [ElasticSearch]
when I try to StartSonar.bat.
Any ideas?

No, you don’t need to run ElasticSearch separately. Please check the log files for more information;

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Elasticsearch is not writing any logs. The elascitsearch bin directory almost empty, the StartSonar process iss unable to start elasticsearch – so it seems. I am at a loss.

Hello @tomgray09 ,

As Felipe mentioned, no, you cannot install Elasticsearch as a separate component, since at least SonarQube 10.2 embeds Elasticsearch.

Can you please attach your $SQ_HOME/logs folder as a zip file for me to review? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it publicly, please let me know here and I can start a private thread with you.

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I got it to work.


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Through various methods, I now have the product started and the web site is available (running). More later.

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