All PRs are passing through SonarQube Quality Gate. Still my total Issues count increasing everyday

Hi all,

We are using SonarQube Developer Edition and we have enabled Pull request Decoration for Central Branch. We are not allowing any PR if it is not meeting SonarQube Quality Gate Standard.

My concern is when every PRs are passing through SonarQube Quality gate, they why my issues count increasing day by day. after every 4 months we are making the count in single number and again it increases.

Please help me here…


I suppose it’s the count of Code Smells that are increasing?

I guess that means an A Maintainability rating? The thing is, an A for Maintainability doesn’t mean 0 Code Smells. It’s about the ratio of the estimated time to fix the Code Smells versus the volume of code. The docs give more detail.

If you want to make sure your PRs have 0 new Code Smells, you’ll want to add a Quality Gate condition for 0 New Issues.

BTW, 10.3’s default Quality Gate should be much stricter in this regard.