All of a sudden SQ not getting initialized - Error creating bean with name 'jdk.internal.loader

Until this morning, my SQ on Fedora was running fine and I always used
/opt/sonarqube/sonarqube- console
to start it
Yesterday, there was powe outage and SQ VM started after physical host ea restarted after the outage
*SQ version is 9.6 community edition with embedded DB

  • This morning, Running SQ as usual on fedora 35 on command line using
    /opt/sonarqube/sonarqube- console (4.8 KB)

I get a lot of errors, enclosed is the log printed to the screen

I also ran the command using ./gradlew --debug
/opt/sonarqube/sonarqube- console ./gradlew --debug

Enclosed a zip file that contains the3 log files created today es.log, sonar.log and web.log (10.6 KB)

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this


It looks like you’re still using the embedded H2 database. This DB is provided only for evaluation purposes, not for production use. From what I can tell from your logs, the H2 DB was corrupted during the crash.

Sounds like a good time to pick a supported DB and set it up for production.


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