"alert(...)" should not be used, rule found 0 issues after upgrade to 7.9.1


I upgraded Sonarqube from 6.7.2 -> 7.9.1 (all plugins also). After the upgrade, I ran a scan and noticed a rule ( “alert(…)” should not be used) reported 0 issues in 7.9.1 where in 6,7.2, it reported 31 issues.

See attached files for screenshots (need to rename to .docx extension)

Any ideas why it did not report these issues?

672.txt (3.3 MB) 791.txt (2.9 MB)

New implementation of this rule is based on ESLint, so NodeJS is required.
You can check logs of analysis if there are some errors there. Also there should be warning on the page of the project in SQ UI.