After AD password change, SonarQube repeated "infinite" failed LDAP auth attempts

  • SonarQube version 8.9.1 w/LDAP
  • User LDAP auth attempts fail with incorrect password, but user is not even trying to log in; these are automated, recurring attempts.
  • How can I get SonarQube to stop infinite auth attempts for this user OR fix the user’s auth in SonarQube so the auth is successful (which presumably would stop the constant attempts).
  • I’ve restarted SonarQube app docker container, rebooted the VM; no effect; the auth attempts for this user recur, several times per minute.
  • My workaround (since these failed LDAP auth attempts by SonarQube were constantly locking the user’s AD account) was to de-activate the users’s account in SonarQube web UI. Even that did not resolve the problem; the auth attempts contined, even after restarting the container. I had to then re-create the user with same name as a LOCAL user. Now the auth-attempts several times per minute continue, but at least they don’t hit our AD server.
  • I’m worried this problem could spread to other users. If it does, it will quickly become unmanageable. It could also affect server/app performance.
  • I’ve not been able to find any relevant cache to clear, or mechanism that is scheduling these auth attempts.
  • Turning log level to DEBUG and TRACE did not provide any more useful info as to why these attempts happen or how to stop them.
  • Perhaps there is some way to remove these from the database?


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I’m not aware of anything within SonarQube that would cause these auth attempts to fire, and particularly not at that rate. Can you check $SONARQUBE-HOME/logs/access.log to see if SonarQube’s receiving requests to cause this?


Thanks, ganncamp! We don’t have access.log, but I could see the attempts by using commands like docker logs --since 10m -f sonarqube_sonarqube_1 | grep <username> and docker logs --since 10m -f reverse_proxy | grep <username>

However, I just restarted the docker containers (sonarqube_sonarqube_1 and reverse_proxy which is nginx) on our DEV and COMMON/PROD VMs AGAIN, and NOW the attempts have stopped.

Either there was some residual processes playing out the last time I tested, or someone or some process has cleaned something up.

BTW, previously, the logs were showing the attempts were coming from a local docker IP, not a remote host.

I think the next step is for me to try to re-create the user as an AD/LDAP user, and hope the problem does not recur.

I think to do this, I must deactivate the local user, add sonar.authenticator.createUsers: true to the SonarQube config and restart the container so that it will create an AD/LDAP user the first time the user logs in.

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Hey there.

sonar.authenticator.createUsers has not had any impact since SonarQube v6.3. Deactivating the user should be sufficient.

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Oh, that’s nice. Thank you, Colin.