Adobe ColdFusion support in SonarCloud and other possible solution


Do you plan to support Adobe ColdFusion on SonarCloud in the near future?

If not, is it possible to enable a plugin on our SonarCloud instance to support ColdFusion?

If not, would you have a solution for exporting a ColdFusion linter report to SonarCloud? The goal would be to have a single location where the reports would be available.

I am open to any solution that would support this language.

For info, we currently use Azure Devops with SonarCloud to scan our code.


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Hey there.

ColdFusion is not one of SonarCloud’s supported languages, nor is it possible to install third-party plugins on SonarCloud. ColdFusion support is also not on our roadmap at this time. You can feel free to submit an idea on the roadmap, or I’d be happy to move your post to the Suggest New Features category.

I am really interested in this feature but not only for Adobe ColdFusion, since its commercial, but for the CFML language which covers both commercial and open source CFML like Lucee: GitHub - lucee/Lucee: Lucee Server is a dynamic, Java based (JSR-223), tag and scripting language used for rapid web application development. Lucee simplifies technologies like webservices (REST, SOAP, HTTP), ORM (Hibernate), searching (Lucene), datasources (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL and others), caching (infinispan, ehcache, and memcached) and many more. Lucee provides a compatibility layer for Adobe ColdFusion © CFML using less resources and delivering better performance.

We can assist with building any integrations with our team if necessary. How can we help?

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To point out, we build all the frameworks for the language, from MVC to Testing frameworks. We also already have sonarqube integration for Test Coverage : Configuring Code Coverage - TestBox : Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

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