Admin tab no more visible

My colleagues and I are not seeing the Administrator tab anymore. We used to go on it to add new users and configure stuff but now is no more visible.

where do I get support on this?

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Welcome to the community!

At a guess, your SonarQube admin privileges have been revoked and you need to talk to your main SQ administrator. Alternately, you’re using delegated authentication (e.g. LDAP) with group synchronization and you’ve been removed by the LDAP admin from the group that has SQ admin rights.


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thanks a lot for the input.

The problem in this case seems that Admin accounts were established based on a distribution list. The latter seems to be expired and therefore no one of us admin are able to log as admin into SonarQube anymore.

Is there a may to make at least one of us to get back Admin power on our SonarQube?

Thanks a lot

Hi Stefano,

This is addressed in the docs.