Additional sonar properties to load from a secret


I am working on deploying Sonarqube 8.9 LTS on Kubernetes using the associated Helm chart.

I’m having trouble understanding how to pull additional sonar properties from a secret. In my case, I have a custom file, and I would like to provide a value for my property ldap.bindPassword from an external secret. Can someone explain how this can be achieved?

    ldap.url :
    ldap.bindPassword: <my value from an external secret>

more context…

The values.yaml file reads the following:

# Additional sonar properties to load from a secret with a key "" (must be a string)

# sonarSecretProperties:

I’m unclear with what that means or how to use it. In contast, providing a password for the postgres database seems a bit more intuitive --I describe it below to contrast.

This is easy enough for setting up credentials of the postgres password (a seperate task that I understand and have been able to use). You simply provide the existingSecret, which is the name of the secret, and the existingSecretPasswordKey, which is the key associated with the postgres password.

Hello @evaquero and welcome to the community!

In sonarSecretProperties, you can provide the name of a secret that you have created beforehand.
This secret needs to have a key named “” that contains the list of ‘key=value’ properties.
The easiest way to achieve that is with a command such as:
kubectl create secret generic my-secret-config
Where is a local file containing your key/values