Adding Groups to Groups

I have a small number of SonarQube (SQ) servers currently running 7.9.1 Community with Oracle backends and LDAP user auth.

I would like to be able to create a security & admin group that would have access to all the projects on the system.
Each project is private and ideally wouldn’t be able to see other projects. So I have configured groups/templates & projects. Users are assigned to their group which is assigned to a template and the template is assigned to the project.

It is just that I have to individually add each member to the project group, rather than create a security group add members to that and then that gets added to each project.

The system authenticates via LDAP but only as ou=users SQ manages what users are in what groups locally.


Hi Barry,

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It seems that you’re looking for group synchronization? That’s a matter of server configuration. Details in the docs.