Add custom plugins

(Sean Hederman) #1

We want to use the following plugins in our SonarCloud; but can’t see how to do it.



I can create a new Quality Profile but don’t seem to be able to assign it to a plugin; or import a plugin

Support Custom plugin on Sonar Cloud
(Xavier Bourguignon) #2

Hi Sean,

No third-party plugins are installed on sonarCloud since we need to master the whole stack to provide the best experience.

That being said, if your CI generates reports for Findbugs, ESLint, & co, you can import the results in SonarCloud. Please follow the documentation here:

(Sean Hederman) #3

Pity, was hoping to use SonarCloud rather than set up our own, but vendor is insistent they need these plugins.

(Xavier Bourguignon) #4

As we’re importing FindBugs and ESLint issues onto SonarCloud, I think you don’t need these plugins.

Maybe this blog post can convinced them: