Ability to Map Quality Gates to One or More Branches

Looking for options to apply Quality Gates to specific branches. It appears that this feature might be available, how do we implement for this structure:

/prd - ProdQualityGate
/tst - TestQualityGate
/dev - DevQualityGate

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Hi BK,

This is an interesting use case, but not one we support. Would you mind sharing how those Quality Gates differ?


Hey Ann,

Yeah, so our automation platform deploys based on branch. In some branches, we may not want a branch to halt deployment to enable us to manage certain process like helping us to test and work through controls and risk limiting options. As it is, I cannot find a way to have tiered Quality Gates for different branches.

Does this make sense?


Thanks for getting back to me & sorry for the delay in responding.

I understand wanting to take different actions in different situations, but I’m not understanding wanting to apply different criteria. Wouldn’t this just be a question of failing - or not - the pipeline for a failing Quality Gate?



your question is similar to this posting

And i think the recommendation of @OlivierK is reasonable.
Another somewhat ‘quirky’ approach would be to wrap the Sonarqube analysis in try / catch
for special pipelines, i.e. the Jenkins pipeline step waitForQualityGate() continuing the pipeline
even if quality gate fails. That way you’ll get all issues if any but your pipeline goes on.