A question regarding rule "Public types, methods and fields (API) should be documented with Javadoc"

I have a question regarding one Sonar rule for Java:
“Public types, methods and fields (API) should be documented with Javadoc”

SonarQube version Community Edition Version 8.9.9 and deployed on web service
Scanner is Maven version: 3.8.4
Java version: 15.0.7

It needs to specify inclusion and execlution parameters according to the rule description:

The default value for exclusion parameter is “.internal.”, but we don’t want to specify any packages to be excluded for this rule. I tried with putting a empty space in the value to override the default value, but it doesnt work, it still takes the default value of “.internal.” .

Do you have any suggestion to not specify anything for the exclusion package? Thanks in advanced.


Hey @Xiyao_Gong,
Looking into the issue, it looks like your best way to include all files is to set the forClasses parameter to **.

Let me know if that works the way you expected it to and maybe we can update the documentation accordingly.



thank you for the reply.

I have set forClasses **, but it has nothing to do with exclusion.
exclusion still excludes packages. I set it to " ", but it does take the default value,

so my setting:

forClasses: **
exclusion: " " // en empty space

behaves same as

forClasses: **
exclusion: **.internal.**

in the end i have to do a trick to exclude a dummy package that never existed.

forClasses: **
exclusion: 13ac5204-c58e-4524-a7b0-431bb012da5d

i think it would be good to provides a way to support not exclude any package for this rule.