7 rules promoted to SonarWay for .NET

Hello fellow .NET developers,

This week we released a new version of our .NET analyzer that promoted 7 existing rules to the SonarWay Quality Profile for .NET:

  • S127: “for” loop stop conditions should be invariant
  • S1192: String literals should not be duplicated
  • S1244: Floating point numbers should not be tested for equality
  • S1696: NullReferenceException should not be caught
  • S1994: “for” loop increment clauses should modify the loops’ counters
  • S2701: Literal boolean values should not be used in assertions
  • S2955: Generic parameters not constrained to reference types should not be compared to “null”

These rules were already in SonarWay for other languages and we decided they would make a great addition to the default set for our users.

As always, we welcome your feedback (False Positives, False negatives…)!


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