4000 char limit on checkstyle Treewalker XML input

Version SQ 8.9

On attempting to paste XML into the box Administration->Configuration->Languages->Java-> Treewalker Filters that is longer that 4000 chars.

Error message: Validation failed. ‘value’ length (4028) is longer than the maximum authorized (4000)

This is far too short to capture a custom configuration. A good size shall be ~ 4x’s this - see a representative checkstyle: checkstyle/google_checks.xml at 2954d8723003ef229f5825510a433ab8c60f2774 · checkstyle/checkstyle · GitHub


I’m not seeing a ‘Treewalker Filters’ input in our internal instance, so I’m assuming this is being provided by a 3rd-party plugin…? If so, you should ping the maintainers directly.