3 new MISRA C++2023 rules

Hello dear C++ users

We are happy to bring you 3 more MISRA C++2023 rules:

  • Rule M23_279: “Forwarding references” and “std::forward” shall be used together
  • Rule M23_280: An object shall not be used while in a "potentially moved-from state
  • Rule M23_321: All variables should be initialized

All available MISRA C++ 2023 rules can be found here .

These new features will be available with SonarQube 10.3 starting from Developer Edition. They will be available shortly on SonarCloud and in SonarLint.

As always, you can see what’s coming next and vote for C and C++ features you would like to see in SonarQube , SonarCloud , and SonarLint .


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